Object Oriented Analysis and Design — Part 1

Jatin Tayal
1 min readAug 9, 2023

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design(OOA&D) helps us write great software everytime. OOA&D is an approach to writing software that focuses on making sure the code does what it’s supposed to, and that it’s well designed. That means the code is flexible, easy to make changes to it, and it’s maintainable and reusable.

Following are the things I learned 👨‍💻 from Head first’s Object Oriented Analysis and Design’s first chapter — Great Software Begins Here

1. Make sure your software does what the customer wants it to do.

2. Apply basic OO principles to add flexibility.

3. Strive for a maintainable, reusable design.

4. Anytime you see duplicate code, look for a place to encapsulate. Encapsulate whatever varies.

5. Encapsulation should be done in such a way such that adding properties in one class shouldn’t require us to change code in other classes. Classes shouldn’t be interdependent.

6. Always strive for loose coupling and tight cohesion.